Hi there, I’m Jordan Pete – proud owner of DietPillsReporter.com.

I had this site developed so I could collate reviews and articles about diet pills, in order to help people find the ones that work, and avoid the ones that don’t. There’s a lot of sites on the Internet that claim to “review” products, but they’re nothing more than blatant advertising designed to extract money from their visitors at any cost.

This site is different, because although I have tried a handful of slimming pills personally, I also realize that I am just one person and that my personal results are unlikely to be the same as those of all my readers. So instead, my aim is to research information provided by diet pill companies and then to seek out real user reviews and aggregate the information I find. This way I will be able to provide a more holistic view that will be more accurate and useful to more of my readers.

I will start by covering the most popular slimming pills (simply because they have the most consumer interest) and then I will begin adding more obscure product reviews, including many bad products too. I will also provide a place for readers to contribute honest feedback and testimonials about each product I review on this site. You too are invited to weigh-in on the pros and cons of each product, based on your own personal experience and are encouraged to join in the conversation. Of course for the benefit of everyone, rudeness will not be tolerated — repeat offenders and spammers will be blacklisted.

I wish you the best on your weight-loss endeavor and look forward to interacting with you on this site.



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